Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I Walk Alone - A Difference of Opinion

I seem to be the only Ret Paladin blogger that I know of that is NOT looking forward to the upcoming Holy Power mechanic.

In case you aren't aware, Holy Power is a stacking effect that is accrued via a couple of different abilities (Crusader Strike is the primary one) and is consumed by doing other abilities. It is pretty much the same idea as Death Knight Runes or even, to an extent, Rogue combo points. I don't want to play a DK. If I did, I would roll one. Or if I wanted a rogue (other more than a bank toon) I would level one.

I really don't understand all the love folks have for "complicated" fight mechanics, and at the opposite end, uber simple "rotations":

11121112111 OH PROC! 3 1112111211121112

Yeah, that sounds fun. I guess it's different than the "FCFS hunt & peck" where you simply push the one that's off cool down.

We now attacks that are more tailored for multiple targets versus single targets, so we now get *2* attack rotations/FCFS combobulations.

We still have to manage mana, and as a melee hybrid, we are sort of responsible for self healing, and now we have to track something else, a 1-3 stack power, and manage with everything else...


We are losing our cleansing ability, and our convenient instant heal (Flash of Light, when talented into Art of War) our Divine Intervention is gone, Divine Protection now only mitigates 20% (instead of 50%) Divine Shield only lasts 8 seconds (instead of 12) and Divine Storm has lost all its teeth. Lastly, our Holy Wrath now does the same damage, single versus, AoE.

What do we get in return?

  • Simplified Blessings and Judgements (only need Light, since the wisdom part is now built in and the replenish is not talentable)

  • Our Divine Protection & Shield no longer shares a cooldown with Avenging Wrath (Paladin Wings)

  • Crusader Strike gets some major teeth and becomes our primary damage dealer.

(I got a lot of my info from mrgummage over at worldofraids.com in his very thorough description of Ret HERE)

So, with that boatload of nutkcicks, and an additional layer of hassle, we get a few (very minor) benefits. In my honest opinion, complexity, just for the sake of complexity (ie, with no real benefit) is a waste of my time and energy.

If, we had a small nerf, with baseline similar damage/utility, BUT, if you tracked this complicated BS, you then got some BENEFIT, I would be much more interested. But, adding the extra BS, just to stay where we are?

Um, no.

Keep in mind, I have not heard anything about Blizzard removing "the hybrid tax". You know, the effective loss of DPS that Deeps hybrids have to live with, because we have other abilities (healing, CC, cleansing, etc)

This means that Warriors, Rogues, Hunters, Mages and Warlocks ("Pure" DPS) will continue to kick our teeth in, in our primary (DPS) role. And now with removed instant heals and no more cleansing, what is our utility again? IF we have no utility, and our DPS sucks, WHAT will be the point of Ret again? On the surface, balance seems like it *COULD* be a major issue.

But, for the sake of argument, lets ignore the whole potential balance issue, ok?

OK. Moving on.

I really don't get the interest on losing/reducing the FCFS, losing our mitigation and getting it replaced with a "single target rotation" and a "multi target rotation" while still managin mana, AND now having to manage another mechaninc (Holy Power)

If you are really watching your FCFS, (and FCFS DOES vary from fight to fight) AND maintaining raid awareness AND doing all the other stuff (cleansing, occasional healing, etc) I think that the current situation is already reasonably complex. After all, it's not like Mage, 'Lock, Warrior, Priest nor any other class has a really complicated rotation/routine.

Am I pissed? Not at all. Am I excited? No. It seems to be added levels of hassle/BS with no real benefit. I still remember GhostCrawler's "Nerf them [Ret] to the ground" comment from last year, so I am FAR from optomistic.

"Annoyed" is probably a more accurate word.

As far as Battlegrounds and all that, PvP sounds like a mess. Kite Dot Kite Dot Dead.

If you are a Ret, and you like the Holy Power aspect, can you explain, please? Cuz I really don't get it. I guess I'm missing something.