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Oh dear, there's now a second page. I only recently learned I could have one, and I would like this to be an index of sorts, to the handful of useful posts I've made.

The only problem is that I have no clue how to do it without manually linking them (ie, it would be nice to just have a way to link via keywords, but life is rarely that easy)

So, in an attempt to be even slightly useful, I shall endeavor to get things organized here. At the start, it will be VERY much the "work in progress". However, it will always be such, at least as far as I hope to be creating new and useful posts that will need to be categorized.

And here it is.

Retribution Paladin Specific Info

        Ret Paladin Basics - Addons, awareness, and resources -
                           Retpal DPS: Paint it Black, Paint it Dead
        Spell Rotation, tactics and some other basic fight stuff -
                           Rotation will Spin you Right 'Round Baby, Right 'Round

             Post Patch 4.01 Information
                           MMO-Champion Ret Paladin FAQ
                           MMO-Champion Ret Paladin "things to do"

General Gearing Information

          PvE Gear

                       Number Cruchning/Evaluation - Blinded Me with Science

                       PvP Gear, an alternate source of PvE Gear - If You Could Read My Mind

                       PvP gear for PvE Summary - Step by Step

          PvP Gearing

                       War Pig Battle Goat - An Alternate source of PvP Gear

Talent information

                     Current PvE/PvP Blend This has stoicism and unyielding faith (which
                     minimize stuns and fears - so it's still quite viable for PvE. One BIG
                     downside is the lack of Seal of Command.

Resources/Links I use a lot

                         Gemming - WoW Gem Finder -

                         Great database of Enchants
                         Best in Slot (BiS) Ret Paladin Enchants -

                         Elitist Jerks Ret Paladin page -

                         Cynwise's Battlemanual - PvP Gear -  LINK

                         Elitist Armory gear evalualtion/list site

                         WoW-Heroes gear evaluation/list site

                         WoWhead  character info -

                - for all your tanking AND general strat videos

                 - for all your Prot/tank paladin info

                         Fire Magery leveling info - Criticall QQ FIre mage guide

Addons I use






Blogging Stuff I Use

                       Google Analytics - All sorts of interesting information about how people find,
                                                        navigate and peruse your blogs.

                      Google Webmaster Tools - Similar to Analytics. Not quite as useful. (imho)

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