Thursday, February 11, 2010

Parachutes? Why Yes...

So last night a guildie & I get together to do our frost run. We both strip down to nearly our skivvies and join the LFG queue. (one note, my stripping down to a GS of ~2,900 has been working really well!)

20 minutes later, we get the loading screen, and? Pit of Saron. Guess the stripping didn't work so well this time.

Anywho, the group has:

Priest - healer
Hunter (my guildie)
Retpal - me.

The tank starts off asking if we want to do a clear (to get try for the hilt) or just skip as much as possible. We all hem & haw around, and I say let's just go for the quicker option, and off we go.

As you're likely aware, most of the trash in PoS is fairly easy. I'm doing 3.5k DPS and I'm in 2nd or 3rd in overall damage & DPS the whole way. Needless to say, things are dropping pretty quickly.

Garfrost drops without much trouble.

We get to Ick & Krick, and they drop pretty easily.

My DPS sucks, but with that damnable poison nova, and all the other anti-melee stuff going on, I kept a distance during a bit of the fight (and I didn't die) but my performance wasless than stellar.

Then again, this is the first time I've run in a PuG (at least that I remember) where I had 2 other quite competant DPSers with me.

ANYHOW... the tank shows us a way to avoid the 2 trash pulls on the ramps. You just mount up (pally crusader aura helps) and just haul ass up the ramps, and if you get to the top before those 2 groups get into place, VIOLA! (no, not voilà) Those tough trash mobs are avoided.

We continue on into and through the tunnel, and all is going well. (the other hunter and the priest are guildmates, and I think also room mates - one of them had a small child that was gettingsick, so there were a couple short "brb" moments) Everyone is doing well, and seems to be having fun.

We fight Tyrranus, and we have a bit of a hiccup and we wipe. On the run back, the priest is SUPER appologetic, saying that whatever was going on, she just couldn't keep up.

I'm not exactly sure of the specifics, but the tank replied that he ended up getting caught in ice, AND stuck in another attack, and was just getting hammered beyond all belief. (now, if I were a better Retpal, I would have noticed and bubbled/freed him, but that's another story...)

Essentially, it was Lady RNG playing bad odds with our group. No harm, no foul and no blame. We aall amde our way back, but had to stop at the ramps. Those pesky mobs we avoided before stood firmly in our way.

Oh, and my guildie was a bit late getting there. What's up?

And there, right in front of us, floating gently down into the group of nasties, was my guildie. The old "Parachute of Death" trick. She had jumped down from the level above and mis-aimed her jump, and her fall put her squarely into the middle of the mobs.

We *almost* made it, but the priest/healer hadn't had a chance to fully mana up, or even "get into the zone" yet, and we wiped again. It tooks us a bit to figure out exactly what happened, but we all got a hell of a laugh out of the new and novel way of wiping.

Sadly, we almost made it through, even with that "oops".

We ran back and finished the instance without much trouble. We did use CC, which was inevtiably broken, but we still managed without much trouble. Everyone was happy to be done, and pretty satisfied with the results, even with an extra wipe or two.

I wish all runs were that enjoyable. :-)


  1. Was somebody still laying into Tyrranus when Overlord's Mark was upon them? That drives me MAAAAD :)

  2. Sorry... I read your reply at home (and i still can't reply there) and it took until today for my age addled brain to recall I owed a reply.


    Anyhow, I don't believe his mark was on the tank at the time. When mess ups WERE made, folks fessed up pretty quickly, and nobody mentioned that mistake, so I don't 8think* that's what happened.