Monday, February 7, 2011

I See a Gap... a Chasm... a Rift...

It's been a while.

I played around with Balthazario a coule more times after my last blog post, but mainly to just log in, then log back off. My heart just hasn't been in it.

And then some racing buddies brought me back to Forza (XBOX racing game that I REALLY enjoy)) and then a little hanky panky with Dragon Age: Origins (wish I could say the same... "meh", IMHO)

And then Kattastrophe started rummaging around the MMORPG genre, playing a little Guild Wars and happened across a free beta for a Fantasy MMO, Rift.

I enede up with a free code and joined in this weekend past, and enjoyed it. There's a wide open final beta. For more info look here: LINKY

It's simplified in some ways:

Only 3 Races per faction
Only 4 character classes

BUT (and this is a HUGE but)

Each class can have up to 3 active character/class talent trees, and they can be switched out.

How about a Life Draining, Healer Fire mage? You got it!

(There's something wondrously evil about having both a healing tree (Chloro) and a Warlock tree active, so that you put hots AND dots.

The graphics are a bit prettier than the bulk of WoW, (except the water - Blizz did things really nice there)

The beta servers have been rock steady, even during the recent stress testing.

Give it a whirl.

Oh, and my Healy-Warlocky-mage? He's the new Balthazario.

And since I happened over here, I saw the end of an era: Righteous Orbs is shutting its doors. Tam & Chas, you guys will be missed.

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