Friday, July 3, 2009

Help I'm Alive, erm, Well I WAS...

So we made a second run into Uldaman the other night. And ya know what?

Even without levelling, or gearing, we pretty much blasted through the areas that had caused us troubles. But it wasn't without a little luck, some more thorough planning, and a map:

For the full, readable map, please visit the site that created it:

We decided to go in on a loot, "farming" expedition, (and also cuz we got the one quest for The Shattered Necklace)

Anyhoo... We went to the dead Paladin (part of the quest) and started getting the pieces necessary. Plus, we got all the pieces parts to summon Ironaya and we proceeded to kick her stoney ass.

Short story longer, we ran through all the back tunnels and corridors, killing and maiming as we went. (with lots of healing and mana stops) We killed Grimlock, we nailed Ravelosh, and we wiped the floor with Galgann Firehammer's nappies. We RULED the damned place!

Actually, we were just more methodical in our attack. We always assumed we would get 3-5 baddies, and did so nice & easy. Because of this, we didn't die at all while clearing the upper floor, even that one room that did us in last time. It turns out if you go in the back side, you can pull 4 at a time, which is a little nicer than the 7 or 8 (or 9?) that we got last time. Nice manageable chunks.

And then we went downstairs.

Ya see that picture at the top of this post? That was about, oh, 30 seconds before a profound and horrible death at the hands of Archaedas, and his 20-30 minions. We tried to be clever, but it didn't work. When we did the summoning, we ran back out the "front" door, to keep the number of baddies down to 3 or 4 plus Archaedas.

You know how everyone looks like they're made of stone? You know how doors are these solid things that prevent stuff from going through them?

Not so much. It started with only Archaedas and 2 others, but over the next seconds (ok, maybe a minute) we had another 6 or 7 "visitors" in the already crowded foyer/entrance. We managed to badly hurt a couple of the smaller guys, and nicked Archaedas health a bit, but overall, it was a disaster. I need to read up a bit, but I begin to think that 2 players in their mid 40's just aren't enough to handle this fight.

Tempes fugit: Mors est æternal
(my bad attempt at "Time is fleeting; death is eternal")


  1. Need more! where did you go. no new updates?

  2. Sorry... life got in the way. I haven't played much since a couple weeks before the patch. :( I'll get back on it. :)