Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Wanna Fly Away... and now I can! And it's ALL thanks to Takk the Leaper

Thanks to FINALLY finishing the slog & grind to level 60, I now have flying mounts. So, what does Takk the Leaper, a level 17 Raptor have to do with flight?

Read on...

As you know, with the 3.2 patch, the "gettability" of mounts got easier. Since many levels of riding skill are now available at lower levels, they have lowered the cost of ownership. This really has helped speed up the game (though I wish they would fix flight paths, but that's a topic for another day...) You now can get mounts at level 20, Epic mouts at 40, and flying mounts at 60.

And flying mount speed is now 150% WAHOO!!!!

So, come again about Takk?

Training for flying is still a tad pricey: 600 gold. And, much like the real world,I'm not very good at saving. (gold or otherwise) So up until recently, I was only able to gather up about 150 gold or so. That is, until Kattastrophe's alt was traipsing through Dustwallow Marsh.

She was attacked by (and subsequently killed) the Raptor "Dart". An interesting item was in the loot. He drops (100% drop rate) a mini pet, a Darting Hatchling. It turns out that in patch 3.2, there's another neat change, in that 8 dirfferent Raptors in WoW will now drop (100%) companion pets. Dart (and his drop) are one of them. A couple others are the Razormaw Matriarch (in Wetlands), Ravasaur Matriarch (Un'Goro Crater) and dear litte Takk (in the Barrens).

Each of these Raptors (and a couple others) are rare to very-rare spawns, and since their drops are still rather new (and like other pets, bind on use) they are transferrable, desirable, and very expensive in the auction house.
So, I ran by the Barrens, found dear little Takk and killed him dead. Turns out his drop is pretty valuable too.

About 800 gold worth, at least on the Velen server.

Awww... isn't he cute...
(thanks for the gold!)

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