Wednesday, March 17, 2010

CRYING!... crying... Whiny post is whiny

Yeah, here's my national (international?) "Whiney Day" post. Since I prolly whine too much anyway, I'll keep it short.

The reason I don't like PvP is that I pretty much stink at it. I've mentioned this once or twice, I believe. Why do I stink?

- Is it my gear? Well, while that doesn't HELP the situation, I don't believe it's the main problem.

- Is it my spec? Again, my spec doesn't help my situation, since it's havily slanted towards PvE, but I have a couple "PvP-ish" things (reduced stun times and the like) in my talent tree.

So nope, those aren't the big reasons.

Basically, it comes down to poor hand-eye coordination, poor situational awareness, a lack of deep understanding & familiarity with the toon and its abilities (aka - lack of practice)

Back in the day, I played a lot of HALO 2. Now, for me, "a lot" was 15+ hours a week. If you compare that to a teenager that can easily put in 30+ hours, it isn't a lot, BUT for any "normal" person, that's a lot.

When I first started, I really sucked. I was ranked at a skill level of 15 or 16. (rank went from 1-50, with 50 being the best) My ability to spin & shoot and all things "twitchy" like that were pretty bad. However, I really liked the feel of the game, and put in a lot of time learning the maps, learning jumps and all sorts of other "tricks" and things. No glitching or anything, but learning to use the map to my advantage.

After all that practice, my hand-eye coordination got a *little* better, but with the rest of the practice & learning, I managed to get my skill up to a 27 or so. A bit above average.

After 500+ hours of playing, I went from being a truly bad player to being a "so-so" player. In one of the last games of it I ever played, I was in a game with two 40+ skill players. I went 0-25 before I got my first kill. Humbling to say the least.

So, for WoW PvP, yes I *could* spend a lot of time learning the maps, practicing my spells,etc, and getting really familiar with my toon. And I would get better.

A *little* better.

Part of my distaste is that I'm a bit too lazy to put in that type of effort, but it's also combined with the knowledge that, even with TONS of time spent getting better, at the end of the day, I would have improved to average (or maybe a squinch above).

That really isn't much of an incentive...

On a happier note:


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  1. I'm pretty anti-pvp it's definitely not an aspect of the game I enjoy. I have been told that arena helps a lot with improving your situational awareness and being quick to react. I have never played an arena, but I can see how it would improve reactions. I'm too lazy to try tolearn pvp and see if it improves me skill, maybe someday when I win the lotto and can spend all day playing. Lol

    Monkey will probably tell you later but we are starting up a late night raid team in about 2 weeks for my guild. I don't know if you'd be interested in a horde side guild, but it's being run by my top officer and will be 2 nights/week for 3 hours. Raid will start between 9 and 9:30.