Friday, March 5, 2010

Poof Goes the Magic Dragon

So I'm running around doing my dailies, and while collecting whositwhatsit egg sacs, NPC_Scan alerts me that Vyragosa is nearby.


I ran across her a while back, but she refused to land, and I didn't have the gear to survive her attacks. So I ran away and vowed to get her at some later date.

It's now a later date... and this time?

Well, even though I *still* couldn't get her to land, I *was* able to survive her attacks. With Frost Aura on, she hits like a paraplegic kindergartner (no offence intended to any paraplegic kindergartners OR anyone else...) So, with my mighty Exorcism spell, I burned her into the ground (with one or two Hammer of Wrath) Yeah, casting once every 8-10 seconds means the battle takes a while...

If you look *really* closely in the screen cap, you can see my DPS for the fight: 2418. So, for the duration of the fight, using Exorcism & HoW exclusively, I still managed to get nearly 2.5k DPS. I dunno why, but I do find that kinda humorous. (like a joke, not the bone)

In the loot, I got some leather helm that is now sitting in the AH, about 10 gold and some frostweave. *shrug*. Not too shabby for simply flying by...

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been on a spending spree with the Dalaran jeweler. Well, I finally dropped the remaining 2,000 gold.

Runed Ring of the Kirin Tor

This puts it just ahead of the ring it replaced (bloodshed band) I lose some hit (not a big deal- I'm way over cap anyhow) gain a little stamina, a bunch of expertise (which I still don't really understand) and I lose 6 strength. Not perfect for DPS, but eff it, because:

I gain one MASSIVELY nice thing: an extra teleport back to Dal.

Yes, I'm lazy like that.

Also, I had remembered reading somewhere (probably at Critical QQ, Cynwises' Battle manual, or maybe even Gnomeageddon) that there is a really nice bracer available from the PvP vendors:

Wrathful Gladiators Bracers of Triumph

Even without gems or enchants, they are better than the piece they replaced (can't remember what they were, but I can look them up from a recent RAWR save) Also, since I have been looking to put together a set of PvP gear (via honor and emblems, not arena) this works out PERFECTLY. I get an upgrade for my PvE gear that also happens to be a really nice piece for PvP.

And all for a "mere" 43,000 honor points, plus another 10k honor for the uncut cardinal ruby. (and 20 gold for the gem cutting, and 120 gold for the greater assault enchant)

BUT STILL! a neat upgrade relatively cheap.

Oh, my Argent pets still haven't sold, but I made the quick money by selling 10 bars of titansteel. I still need to sell off the rest of it, because with that upcoming patch (and elimination of the 24 hour cooldown on smelting titansteel) it will likely drop a LOT in value.

Sell it for 110 each now, and then buy it later (if needed) for 25-30 gold each.

I'm going to try to post "My Guild Application" in the next few days. Then, theoretically, if I apply to any guilds, I can refer them to it, which will give them a LOT more info about who I am and how I play AND give them a blunt head's up that I blog.

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