Monday, September 20, 2010

Who Can it Be, Now?

Me, that's who...

So, some time in the last few weeks, my total page visits brok the 10k mark. Woohoo!

Sadly, I wasn't around to notice. (As of writing this, it's at 10,036, so it was likely in the last few days)

What's been going on with me in WoW?


After several months of running Marrowgar - to - Rotface (and only getting t see Putricide twice) life in WoW got a tad bit boring:

- Do some dailies to get enough gold for raid stuff (pots, scrolls, etc)
- Hope I got selected to do the weekly run
- Run the same few encounters, and wipe on Rotface
- Rinse, repeat, ad nauseum.


(Drat, I forgot that yesterday was international talk like a pirate day! YARR!!!)

Anyhoo, I watched Kattastrophe and her imploding guild, and just couldn't bring myself to look for a more "serious" guild, especially whenI wasn't exactly Mr. Dedicated.

So, I just didn't play. I think I've logged maybe 2 hours in the last 2 months.

So what now? Why am I cluttering up the feedreaders?

Because I will be playing a wee bit, though my goal and intent is rather narrow:

Brewfest (followed by Halloween)

Prior to some server reset/glitch, I had done about half the Brewfest achievements and a bit less than that for Halloween. Sadly, NONE of that shows up.

You see, these are the last things I need for my 310 speed mount. What a long strange road indeed. At least I will have completed something.

So, I started up WoW over the weekend, at least long enough to get the patches (wtf was up with the crap updater? I had to log onto my machine as Admin, and run WoW from the depths of my Program Files folder) and then shut down. At least I'm now ready to chase the Brewmaster title en route to getting the long road achie.

Am I "back"? I don't know. With the pending close of the Betaclysm and the world reset of the upcoming Cataclysm, maybe I will. Or not.


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