Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hey, Dirt? Hello, it's Me... Balthazario

Um, yeah... see the boss kill achievement? Yup... I helped... by dirt napping.... It was a PuG 4-man of Drak Theron (I'd never done it before) and the other 3 folks were all from the same guild, and all were significantly better geared than I.

Even dead, I still put up reasonable damage (and DPS) though the Destro lock was just killer (literally - she's the one that went for the ride on the Rhino's horn I mentioned a couple posts ag0 - lol)

Um, yeah... Here I am contributing again....

And again...

Though, to be fair, LAST night I was actually a contributing member of a 5 - man (Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle)

2,800 DPS and top of the damage list? Oh yeah....

And a FIRST!!!! I broke 3k DPS and still managed to top the chart. (the # 2 was a DK that was geared similar to me) WooHoo!!!

Lest you think it went to my head... yeah, I had several fights at/below the 1,200 mark. The lowest on the list was a guy REALLY doing well considering his gear.

(*note to self* - performance isn't helped when food buff & strength potions wear off, and I don't re-apply them :P )

I've been slowly buying (with tokens and from crafters) some better items, collecting a couple decent drops and really working on gemming and enchanting stuff.
And trying to focus on the fight.

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  1. I've been in heroics when dudes in full T9 have pulled in less DPS you. You're going to be a positive powerhouse when you get those leet epix ;)