Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Buy Buy Baby, Good buy!

Some folks love their sparkly Pony, some love their Pandaren Monk, and still others love their Frosty the WoLK special edition pet. Lots of goodies for real dollars.

Overall, they aren't my thing, but certainly don't have anything against them. While I *do* enjoy collecting pets and mounts, they are an activity for me, and aren't worth any "real" money (ie, real money transaction, RMT) Um, let me qualify that; I don't think they're kinda neat, I just think they're worth the list price.

The question begs asking: what WOULD I be willing to pay money for?

- I *would* be willing to buy pets, but only in the $3-$5 range.

- I'd also buy a really cool mount, but only for $10 or so.

- I think $$$ for Heirloom gear is reasonable, but with similar restrictions (only purchasable by a level 80). Also, I think heirloom should get bumped a tier or two. Or make a set of tier ~7.5 or something similar. BUT, I think putting this at a premium; maybe $15-$20 per item, and only if you already have higher level gear already. (ie, you have a T10 shoulder, you can buy this BoA "heirloom" T9 shoulder, etc) I know I'm probably alone (or at least in the minority) in this, but after grinding out a shit-ton of Triumph badges for my Ret spec, and slogging through a second, Tanking set, I am sick to death of running Heroics. I would pay decent money to skip this step, athankuverymuch!

- A custom “skin” with something cool looking; better looking armor, costumes, etc. Something akin to Dartol's Rod of Transformation or the Iron Boot Flask but isn’t dispelled by mounting, etc. $5- $10 (MAYBE that high)

- Along the lines of a full custom costume/skin, possibly alternate looking items. “skins” that would change a specific slot/item type to look like something particular.

I’m with some others that don’t feel like I should pay, just to get decent service. Larisa, over at the Pink Pigtail Inn (and a lot of others) would pay more for better customer service. LINK. Me, I’d rather they just provide a reasonable support for the $$$ we pay as it is. I’m sorry, I don’t care that it’s “only a game”; it still shouldn’t take them 5-7 days to respond to a ticket. If they are backlogged with stupid questions, well, that would seem to me to indicate that the ‘as provided” information from Blizzard is so pathetic, that it invites lots of dumb questions. Or (and I’m being a bit mean here) that they have lowered the bar so much that it has now enticed the floor lickers to play.

Sorry, but “overloaded tech service” is not a valid excuse. It means they are a) being cheap (and giving profits to Activision) b) don’t charge enough or c) simply don’t care. None of these are acceptable.

And, by paying extra, that seems to me like it would encourage the same piss-poor service we get now for the “normal” folks. *BZZZZ* wrong answer.

Overall, I would like things that would make the current game look better (cool looking skins) or make the current game a bit less “grindy”, while trying to avoid breaking the game.

Anyhow, what would make you guys shell out a few bucks?

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