Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Knights in White Satin, and Guilds in Their Tabards, More Drama is On Tap

We're getting more & more information about the upcoming changes to our classes in the looming Cataclysm. I see a lot of what looks to me like homogenization. Even prior to Cata, we are seeing it, at least in small areas. (I'm using paladin stuff as an example, since I know the stuff better, but I know it's happening elsewhere)

You don't want a Paladin?

VIOLA! Pally buffs are now a complete non-issue.

And now with some upcoming nerfs in Cata (among the, DPS (Pallies) will lose some dispel abilities) as well as some spreading of benefits (mages now get the bloodlust/heroism ability "time warp") and you have to wonder if there is any intrinsic value in ANY of the classes.

"Bring the player, not the class" is the mantra. Which in many ways is all fine and dandy.

BUT. Let's take a look at some other upcoming changes that Cata will bring... specifically the guild "buffing". With this change, unguilded players (or players that only have a small "personal guild" or a guild of 2-3 friends) are going to be at a distinct disadvantage.

This in turn will drive players that normally would not join a large guild, into trying to join them. Now, with class specific abilities, a player has some intrinsic value that he or she can bring to a guild. With the homogenization? Not so much.

As of now, it's possible that there is a guild out there that needs your class/spec. (we need disc priests or elem shammies, etc) As the homogenisation progresses, it's less likely that will happen, as it's quite likely that one of their current members already will have the ability that is needed.

Things are not exactly peachy for the un/under-guilded now, but I see Blizzard's emphasis on guilds exacerbating the difference between the haves & have nots.

As of now, the biggest disadvantages are that you're stuck pugging most of your raids & content, and you probably don't have easy/cheap access to all the crafting skills/professions.

With the new changes, there will be a number of advantages (such as guild crafting recipes, etc) that will only serve to compound the gap. So either the un/under-guilded try to find and fit into guilds (with lots of possible drama) or they simply deal with yet another disadvantage.

Between this and some of the fubar changes that Blizzard are making to the classes (Tree is no on CD?!?!?) I'm getting a bit (*hint* understatement) disheartened about Cataclysm.

I'm not sure I even want to hear/read/see what Blizzard has in mind for Paladins, and Ret pals in particular. "Nerf them to the ground" still rings & stings my ears.

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