Friday, April 16, 2010

Loken in the Halls of the Moutain King. (or lightening)

Be Still my Heart

So I've gotten back into the random LFG a bit lately. I need more than 1 T10 piece, if I'm gonna have a chance at getting into successful ICC25 raids. (or even 10 mans) (My GS is now ~5040 or so)

The other night a guildie (shammy healer) and her friend (a pally tank) and I an a few Heroics.

We ran a few of them, and they all blazed by. The last one seems a bit more remarkable, simply for the speed of it. We were in Halls of Lightening, and it was the three of us, plus one generic DPS (a newbie in 3500 gear) and a mage in 5,500 gear.

At first, I was topping the meters, but less than halfway through, the mage got his thing going. I was doing a consistent 4,300-4,500, and he would finish a number of fights at near 6k. NICE!

As we went through, I noticed that Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) was saying we had completed a couple bosses in record time. I wan't paying much attention to the actual times, however.

Then came Loken. It took 24 seconds. *goggle* For the entire heroic, the mage had done ~33% of damage, I did about 30%. The tank & other DPS were at 22% and 15% or there abouts. I think the entire run was only about 9 minutes. Just crazy.

It was a fairly interesting set of heroics, for the speed & hilarity alone, if nothing else.

Oh Boy...

And then there was last night. I queued up, vowing to drop if I saw Pit of Sauron (PoS) or Halls of Reflection (HoR), and live with the timer exclusion. I'm simply not interested in struggling.

And of course, I got PoS. We hoofed it over to the right, and off the ledge and engaged the first mobs/pats. Nobody had noticed, but we only had 4 of us: Bear Tank, Tree Healer and 2 DPS (me and a Hunter). Evidently the 5th was DCed. Things weren't going very smoothly, and I was already regretting not simply dropping group the mement I zoned in.

The tank, said he was having computer issues, so he bailed. We then waited for another tank and a 3rd DPS.

The new tank (a Prot Pally) had a 4,800 GS, the Hunter had 4,700, the Treeler had 5,500 and me right at 5k. We ended up getting a pretty low GS Priest (3,800 or so. Can't recall for certain)

And we progressed, albeit a bit slowly. DPS wasn't really an issue, but the tank sure was. During the fights, the Tree kept getting munched on (he stayed abck as much as he could, but many of the fights have LoS issues). The hunter pulled aggro, and so did I (especially when I taunted of the tree munchers) Nobody died (the Tree was pretty freakin awesome) but the tank just could NOT keep aggro.

We made it past the Frozen Boulders Boss, and even dropped Ick & Krick without much issue. We went up the dreaded hill without TOO much trouble and got ready to go through the tunnel.


The tree Hotted up the tank as we entered, and the mobs pretty much ignored the tank and went right after the healer. I manged to taunt off a couple times and we got the whole group to the center. I lost track, and before I realized, the tree was dead, and the tank was nearly so. I Laid Hands (LoH) on the tank, buying us a bit more time, but we went down, one by one. The only survivor was the Hunter thanks to Feign Death.

I could have saved myself ~8 gold and ran to safety, but I was still trying to actually save the wipe until pretty much the last second. Ooops.

We revived, entered and gave it a second go. The results were simlar, though a bit faster wipe. (mainly because the tree used his battle rez, and LoH was still on cooldown for me)

We all come back in, and the tank, healer and one of the other DPS were arguing.

Tank - Healer, don't heal until we get to the middle!

Healer - I'm a Druid, I *HAVE* to get the HoTs on or else I'll never keep up. You *SHOULD* be able to maintain aggro over 2 lousy HoTs!

DPS - The tank should be able maintain aggro over that!

The hunter (who ahad gotten the good bow from the first boss) said "Sorry guys. I really only wanted the bow, but I can't stick around through this." and bolted. He HAD stayed after the bow dropped, AND through a second wipe, and didn't leave until the recrimination & arguing started. I didn't blame him a bit. (by the way, he was regularly beating my DPS by 100-200 points, AND in total damage, evne with significantly lower gear. The guy was good!)

So, then the tank dropped group, so it was me and the last DPS. I appologized and dropped.

By this time, Wintergrasp had started and ended (and we lost) so not only did I get a 15-20 gold repair bill, I didn't get my Frosties, and I couldn't even run WG for some honor.

I said fuck it, and just went out and did my fishing daily (terrorfish) and got some fish for my buff food, then called it a night.

I KNEW I should have just dropped group the moment PoS came up, and just ran WG then called it a night.

Meh. I really don't have any patience for that. Boo-frikkin-hoo.


  1. Pft, a pally tank should have no problem keeping aggro in the gauntlet over a lousy hot or two. Pee on floor (consecrate). Repeat. Run.

  2. Zelmaru - lol... I honestly think he forgot to use Righteous Fury. Nothing else can really explain how easily he lost threat, not just in the tunnel, but during the previous fights as well.

    I didn't think to check during our first runs/wipes. Doh.

  3. Interestingly enough, even without Righteous Indignation, the pally should have at least given a reasonable amount of threat. As a 76 protadin, I managed to hold my own in regular GunDrak against an 80 DK and an 80 priest in reasonable purples. I did have to pop Fury at the second boss to keep up (and they mentioned I didn't have it up, oops ^_^), but I made it that far without too much trouble.