Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Do You See What I See?

When you’re in a movie theater, or other event where there is tight seating, and you and/or other folks will need to get in and out of the seats, there’s an odd bit of decorum people use, yet it seems to be different for everyone.

Think about it.

When you are the one trying to move across the row, do you face the folks in your row? Depending on the seating, and how large or small you are, this could lead to a “thump –thump” as your butt-cheeks slide over the head of the person one row in front of you, and could lead to an overly intimate view of your crotch by the person in your row.

Conversely, the only alterative is to essentially stick your ass in the face of the person you are passing, which will eliminate the butt-thumping, but makes it a bit more likely you will spill your beverage and/or food on someone’s head. And give someone an up close and personal view of your tushie.

I will usually face the folks in my row. Why? This leads to observation/question/preference #2.

#2 (no, not THAT kind of “#2”) If you are the one sitting, which way would you prefer someone else pass by you? Crotch-facing or ass-facing?

Personally, I hate having someone’s ass in my face. Especially a stranger’s.

And this leads to an odd WoW thingie: I’m melee DPS, so unless I’m fighting a dragon, I’m usually staring at the ass of various bosses. Distinctly unpleasant on some fights, like Festergut, where the Boss is farting. A lot.

Are Boss crotches any better? Not really.

1 comment:

  1. I tend to go with my butt facing the seated person. I'd rather someone see my butt than someone feel it. Yeah, that means baby got back.

    As far as when I'm the one they are moving past, I always stand up so I'm less in the way and don't have to stare at someone's crotch or butt.

    I guess, in a sense, I move to be ranged from it just like how I play WoW. :D