Wednesday, May 20, 2009

And the Beat(ing) Goes on...

Over the last couple weeks, I've been slogging it out, and levelling dearest Balthazario. For a bit of fun and a change of pace, I decided to go into the Battle Grounds.

I was level 19 at the time, and we went into Warsong Gulch. I learned the hard way that the cutoff is "on the 9s". My girlfriend (Kattastrophe) was level 20 and we tried to join as a group. Since I was 19, I went off into one group, and she went into another. Woops. Anyhow, I did "ok" considering this was my first PVP effort, and I had a lot to learn... among them:

  • Exorcism only works on NPCs. Not players, their pets or minions. (which sucks, because it's the only real "range" attack a Paladin has, and is one of 3 different spells I use a LOT)

  • My control/dashboard is less than ideal

  • I need to learn a rotation of attacks/etc

  • My equipment is less than ideal

Actually, I didn't learn/figure about the level 19 thing until I had levelled up to level 20. This time Kattastrophe & I could fight together, but now we were the very lowest level in the group.

In one fight, I was going 1v1 versus a level 21 rogue. I got my ass handed to me. Rogues are nasty in PvP to being with, but even with my stun spell (Hammer of Justice) I was hardly doing any damage. I still managed to be the second highest ranked player on the Alliance team (and we lost) but it was clear I had no clue what I was doing, even

After getting up to level 22, and doing WORSE, if that's possible, I decided to start grinding soome loot and buying better equipment. (that will be the subject of my next post)

I have also read up some and found out that I am running a "Retribution Paladin" (aka ret -pal, ret-a-din, ret-paladin) Well, mostly. I think "ret-tank-adin" may be more appropriate, with a focus on PvE. Kattastrophe is a Shaman Healer, so when we quest together, I am tanking. (and when soloing, I rely on my durability.

Just this "simple" piece of knowledge opens up an entirely different a larger can of worms: how to spec your talents, which will be a subject of much consternation and grumbling of the following post.

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