Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Knights in White Satin, (or Green Armor?): What's a retankadin anyways?

This is mainly a followup to how I am playing WoW at the moment... if you look at my talent tree on my wowarmory LINKaDILLY you can see pretty clearly that I am speccing a retribution paladin.

I enjoy being flexible and doing damage. But, my style of play is to run head-long into a fight and, in the process, get the ever-living-crap beat out of me, sort of tank style. To mitigate this, I am trying to more robust on my defense. Not sure I'm anywhere near there, but time will tell...

To put this in perspective, I am ususally running as part of a duo; me and a healing shammy. This means I MUST be able to function as a tank, at least in PVE and in what little PvP that I do. (limited to Battlegrounds at the moment) So there you have me: a retribution paladin that thinks he's a tank.

With that segue, I'll mention that I am currently hanging out at level 29, and "farming" Warsong Gulch. Why? I want the Protector's Sword. I know most ret pally builds I've seen center around 2-handed weapons, but I REALLY like having a shield. (I don't have one now, because my current weapon, Verigan's Fist, a two handed mace, is by FAR the best weapon I have found)

The problem with 2 handed weapons?
  • You lose the extra off-hand item, which costs all sorts of upgrades (+ strength, etc)
  • You lose a TON of armor (remember my retankadin aspirations) At the moment, if I could add my shield, I'd gain nearly 35% more armor (going from ~1,500 to ~2,100)
  • Your attacks are slow. I am maxxing out my ability to hit crit and stun. More attacks perminute means more opportunity to stun. (Seal of Justice and Heart of Crusader) And in my book, that's AWESOME.

Now, that's not to say that I'm not giving anything up by going one-handed. WoW is most definitely a zero-sum game: to gain something, it usually means giving something else up. In this case it's the outright amount of Damage Per Second (DPS) I can put out. But, IMHO (and I'm no "WoW theorist" with the math to back this up) the extra armor and the extra chances to stun are worth the loss...

Cheers for now...

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