Sunday, May 31, 2009

Heartbreak Hotel, No Tickets for You!

Tomorrow is the beginning of E3, the "Electronics Entertainment Expo" in downtown Los Angeles. (E3 is where Sony, Microsoft and other software & hardware sellers show off their latest & greates. Blizzard usually has a large presence there as well) A friend of mine tried to get me a ticket, but no luck. For the first time ever, this year you can BUY them, but they are over $400 each. (I had briefly considered it when this was announced last fall, but given the the current economy, as well as the crazziness of the cost, I decided not to)

And Saturday was the second & last time that Blizzcon tickets went on sale. The first time, my other half and I had both our PCs logged in and hitting F5 trying to get tickets. I got closer than she did, but tix ran out when I was still 1,500th in line.

Since I'm out of town this weekend, Kattastrophe was left alone trying to get tickets. Twas not meant to be... Tickets ran out, and her last noted update said "6% left, 316 people in line ahead of you". Evidently the % left didn't update as often as the number of folks in line does. A little heartbraking.

It's an odd thing, and/or an interesting problem to have: a product/event so popular, that you can't get enough "stuff" (tickets) to sell. Though to be honest, Anaheim is not the largest venue here in southern California. Perhaps Blizzard keeps it small to keep it so "intimate". (17,000 people is a fairly small number of attendees for many conventions) Maybe it's an attempt to keep them rare, and therefore more desirable, but it does make you sad that you can't go ti an event like this.

I guess we'll be using (for the first time ever) Pay per View. Evidently you get a pet or something with your purchase, and someone in the house wants it.

Badly... lol

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