Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A battle for Stormwind: Safety Dance

Last night I was selling/auctioning off a last bit of loot in Stormwind, when Carbonite (one of my plug-ins) starts pulsing, and I see on the local defense that Stormwind is under attack. The blinking circles are located near the battle masters and me being me, I ran over.
As I ran up the corridor to the King's Chamber, I saw a few corpses littering the ground; mostly guards, but a couple Horde as well. I continue on. In the "Throne Room", nothing. In the Battlemaster's room, nothing. I zoom in my map, and see that the ruckus is in one of the side rooms.

I mosey on in, and I see about a dozen Horde all firing into one corner, withe half of them actually in the corner in a massive scrim. I think there were about 10-12 of them in the room. After waiting a minute or two, I finally see the ONE Alliance character in the middle, and it's King Varian Wrynn. He's a regular Cuisinart in the corner, spinning like a fiend, with all the Hordites pouring damage into him. Wrynn keeps spinning, dancing, damaging the Horde, only to have them healed up.

From what I saw, there were 6-7 tanks in the corner, a hunter (or something) with a MASSIVE gun, a couple mage types, and one girl running around (healer, I think) I should have gotten a screen cap, but I was just too stunned. (I've never seen a real raid before this)

At this point he's lost maybe 20-25% of his health. As I sit watching (or in a few cases start jumping in front of the Horde guys to try to distract them) I saw a couple level 80 (elite) Alliance Guards run in, only to be cut down in a few seconds.
I got a little bored and went into the throne room, and I see a small fight down the hall, where one Horde straggler just got ripped apart but the now arriving Alliance players:

A death Knight with his minion
A druid in Tree Form
A few others
The Alliance mainly takes up position in the entrance to the fight room and starts working on them, with the Druish tree running around inside.
*SNAP* The Death Knight yanks someone out of the room, and the Alliance members annihilate him. Soon a few more Alliance PvP folk show up, rush the room, and the fight's over within another minute or so. (well, one Horde member had hidden somewhere, and tried to run out a few minutes later, but got killed ASAP)

VERY cool to watch as a n00b!

A word of warning to other newer folks out there:
  • If you do nothing in the raid, you cannot be hurt. You can dance, spit, sleep, whatever, and the raiders can't hurt you. (you are "PvE" - player versus environment - and immune to PvP attacks)
  • If you are flagged "PvP", you are a target.
  • Enjoy the spectacle!
  • "Check out" the enemy players (or alliance players) Bring up their character icon next to yours (being careful NOT to attack!) and right click their picture. Select "Inspect" and you can see all their equipment.
  • If you heal, or participate in ANY way, you will be flagged and become a target.


  1. Awesome finally a blog from a new player perspective glad to see you out here. Keep it up us newbies need more of these :D

  2. Cool deal man, glad you had a chance to experience this. The best ones are in Iron Forge. It's the most difficult for the Horde to kill because of it's proximity to the Auction House and the bank.