Thursday, May 28, 2009

Quick "Protector's Sword" update

I FINALLY got enough honor points to buy the sword. My DPS barely went down.

My stats? (with no buffs)

With Verigan's Fist - 47.7 DPS
With the sword - 44.8 DPS

With my "full, normal" buffs (Devotion Aura, Seal of Justice andBlessing of Might) my stats are:

With Verigan's Fist - 52.6 DPS
With the sword - 49.7 DPS

I am REALLY happy with that.

The BIGGER difference is my armor:

(full buffs)

With shield - 2202
without shield - 1557

So I trade a ~6% loss in DPS for a 41% increase in armor (and a faster attack/more crit chances) That's easy math in MY book!

*Note to anyone that doesn't know honor points - For each type of PvP battle you do in a Battleground, you don't get regular experience points. You get Marks of Honor for participating(3 for a win, 1 for a loss) and Honor Points for you individual performance (flag captures, enemies killed, etc) Each of the Battlgrounds (well, most of them) have a special merchant you can buy special PvP equipment from. Swords, armor, trinkets and such, and you pay for them in a combination of Marks of Honor and Honor points.

The sword I bought cost 316 honor points and 30 Marks of honor. The honor points were easy (for this purchase) but the Marks is what took me a while.

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