Monday, June 22, 2009

Buff, the Magic Retankadin...

So, in the last part(s) I described what equipment I use, and a basic explanation as to why. Here, I will describe what I am doing now and why I am doning it.

If either of you readers has a suggestion or some good info to share, feel free to let me know.

And now, on to:


Here is where I probably look more like what I believe a Prot/tankadin does… When I go into a (PvP) Battle Ground, here’s what I usually run:

Devotion Aura – Gives me (at my level) an additional 390 armor points (which seems like it might be a tanking preference)

Blessing of Might – increases my attack power by 85 – this seems like a solid Ret choice

And here’s why I love the faster weapons:

Seal of Justice – This does a little extra damage per hit, but more importantly, (to me) it gives you the possibility to stun each time you melee. (can only stun a target 3 times before they become immune) I have no idea how often the stun activates (or “procs” in WoW parlayance) but it rarely happens more than once or twice in a given battle, so by having a faster weapon speed, it gives me more chances to stun an opponent. While a stunned opponent is always nice, it’s even more important in CTF games like Warsong Gulch, where you are trying to save your flag, or protect your flag carrier.

I have played around with Retribution Aura (gives attacker damage when they Crit against me) a bit, but I seem to die more rapidly, so I’m not a big fan of it (though I will run it of another person in the group/party is running Devotion, since they can add)

I have also played around a little bit with Blessing of Kings. But I need to run some numbers (or just review results on my Character tab) to see which is really better. From what I’ve read, Might is best used for melee classes (Pallies and Warriors) and Kings is better for ranged damage (DPS) classes (Warlocks, Hunters, etc) I need to tinker around some more, but my gut points me to Might.


I run the same in most PvE areas as well. One exception to this is when I’m running PvE in a “lower” level area where there are TONS of enemies and I’m engaged by multiples at once. Then I will often use Blessing of Wisdom, since Consecration will get used more, and it’s a mana HOG!

My next part will discuss which spells (Judgements, etc) that I use, how I use them and what order I cast them

Till then!

*cue Puff the Magic Dragon, by Peter, Paul & Mary....*

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