Wednesday, June 17, 2009

You Might Think... I'd Learn My Lesson (and you'd be wrong)

But I keep trying, hoping, nay PRAYING, that I will eventually get better at doing BGs. And per my last brief discussion about it, I actually had a decent game the other night. (capped a flag!) Then we go in for a more game the other night...

You know the saying that sometimes your the windshield, and sometimes your the fly? Holy frikkin christ it was brutal. To the point we dropped about 6 or 7 minutes into it.

How Brutal?

For starters, there was a Tauren Warrior that was camping in our spawn (literally next to the angel thing), and even with 5 of us attacking him, I never saw him get below 50% health (I never saw a healer near him) and he was 2-hitting most of us and one hitting a couple. I "cancelled" my respawn a couple times, just so I could watch the guy work. It was like fighting a level 50 or 60. We could do a *little* damage, but it wasn't much... and meanwhile he just wiped us, spawn after spawn.

During those few minutes we hung around, the opposing team never even tried to capture our flag. They were just slaughtering us (presumably for the "honor") I can handle getting annhialated, but the fact that these assholes weren't even trying to win just made us quit out. (Suffering 5-10 minutes of destruction is bad enough. But waiting for them to "decide to finish" was just retarded. Games/groups like that make me wish there was a way to report game abuse of something.)

In the beginning, I was leading a mounted charge for their flag with 5 of us (my level 39 pally, another lower level pally, a 39 Shammy, and mage and one other) 2 Rogues, and something else hit us (I never saw what) and within 3-5 seconds, we were all dead. The last time I saw something like that was playing HALO 2 online, and someone bridged their connection (which paused all of our team while they killed us) Jaw dropping was an understatement.

Keep in mind, this was the first assault, so we were all "super buffed" from our wait in the start room. Keep in mind; my armor is ~ 3,400 normally (with my normal items and my stoneskin Devotion Aura) and I have ~1,800 health points. In a "normal/medium" battlegrounds I have lasted 30 seconds and longer in a 1 versus 5 situation. (yes, using Gift of Naru, Lay on Hands, Divine Protection , Hand of Freedom and potions) But here, I was simply a gnat to be swatted by these guys.

Disheartening to say the least...

(Note to anyone that hasn't done much or any Battleground fighting: before the game actually starts, everyone on you team is kept in a gated area and can't do anything but spend time putting good spells/buffs on each other. So, in theory, every person on your team will have every buff available from all the casters. This means improved armor, critical strike, reactive damage, speed, health, mana, etc. )

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