Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Get by with a Little Help From My Friends... a "Solo Group Effort"

Balthazario doesn't belong to a "real" guild. It's a 3 person deal, consisting of me, my girlfriend and her sister. As such, there aren't a whole lot of established toons with highly skilled professions to work with. We each get our multiple personalities.

Balthazario is a miner & blacksmith
Wysywyg (level 11 Dwarf warrior) is a skinner & engineer
Bigmistake (level 10 Nelf Druid) is a tailor & enchanter
Plus a couple Horde alts I haven't touched in months (a 'Lock & Hunter)

The ladies each has a couple (or several) different alts that do leatherworking, herbalism, inscription & alchemy, with a little overlap with themselves and my skills

Do I like having all the different toons? Not particularly, since I really enjoy running around as my Ret-tank-adin. BUT, and this is a BIG BUT, without having a full spectrum of skills/professions "in house" life can get pretty expensive...

My Green Iron Hauberk cost me 3g in mats, but I've sold the same thing for 55g, and it's one of the best "readily available" Mail chest pieces around. Not to mention the previous pieces I've made for myself (or I'm making for Wysywyg)

The Copper Bombs make a nice ranged "Area of Effect" (AoE) weapon for my Pally, and are also "free" levelling tools for my Engineer.

The free light, medium & heavy leather kits are also a HUGE benefit for the leather wearers.

I can't WAIT until Bigmistake's enchanting gets to be a high enough level to help out.

And, on top of that, instead of SPENDING money to get these benefits, you can actually earn a little spare coin. (though to be honest, the process of levelling some of the crafting professions can cost a fair amount of gold, if you buy the mats instead of farming them...)

And then there's the fact that with 3 players, and a dozen or so alts/toons, you need a place to store all the mats, finished goods, etc, etc, etc... Thie means having a guild bank. (fortunately we inherited a small, defunct guild with 2 tabs, which we have since expanded to 3 tabs)

It really does "take a village" (or guild) to have a fully functional toon in WoW. It's just that sometimes you have to be yourself, your "other self", and your "other other self", etc to make it happen...

And a little schizophrenia and OCD don't hurt either...
Edited for a couple typoes that were annoying the bejeezuz outta me.

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