Friday, June 12, 2009

Come on and Take a free Ride at the Darkmoon Faire

This past week I've been running around trying to do the "sorta quests" they have at the Darkmoon Faire. You go up to the vendors, and thay ask for stacks of various items and give you coupons in return. When you have enough, you turn them in for some random loot.

There are two types of loot you need for them: random drops from creatures like soft fluffy tails from Coyotes, or craftsmade items like Green Iron Bracers or Green Fireworks.

It was fun collecting some of the stuff, but the loot you got was often not really worth the trouble. Especially the 50 coupon prize: a 14 slot Faire box(bag)

I did manage to catch the little goober that was running all over the Fiare, and bought a few Treefrogs and a couple of the "play catch" balls he had for sale.

It also forced me to pick a profession for my Dwarf warrior Toon, Wysywyg (he's an Engineer) as well as get me to try to level up Balthazario's Blacksmithing. I never made it to skill 230 to make the Big Black Mace, but I made some nice headway...

I learned a few things about enchants, so I'll post some thoughts on that in my next post.

Till then...

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