Thursday, June 18, 2009

Minimum Wage... Would Prolly Pay More...

I get bored easily... VERY easily, and one reason I've enjoyed WoW as much as I have is the ability to have fun doing so many different things. And one of thos e things (believe it or not) is farming minerals, usually Copper. Over the last several weeks I've started to notice a few things related to my farming that have been troubling me...
  • An increasing number of "best gold for your money, in your mailbox in 30 minutes" posts on the Trade Channel.

  • A slow, steady drop in copper ore & bar prices (Other minerals as well, but I have followed copper most closely) It started off in the mid to high 30's silver per ore (and around 25 silver per bar) and has now dropped to 20 silv per ore and a similar price per bar.

  • Huge amounts of copper have been flooding the market from a handful of sellers.

It's possible that these are not related, but I have a suspicious mind, so I kind of doubt it's cooincidental.

I really don't care if folks want to buy gold. ("Greedy Goblin", Gevlon, refers to this as Pay-by-cheat games in his blog) If people want to trade dollars for time, I'm actually fine with that. True, it will cause some inflation, especially in the rarer blue & purple items on the AH, but as a seller, that's fine with me. And honestly, I don't think they would really have THAT big of an effect on things (then again, maybe I'm being naive, *shrug*)

In point of fact, I think Blizzard is missing out on a fairly sizeable revenue stream by NOT doing it.

But one thing that is CLEARLY happening with the current setup, is the deflation in prices of all the more readily available/farmable mats. And that bugs me to no end. Far more than the other AH idiocies we all see (someone levelling a particular craft and flooding the market with 20 of a particular item, causing the price to drop by 70-80%)

Those are annoying but usually pass, if for no other reason than the "offender" usually levels up faster than me, and starts spamming items I'm NOT trying to sell...

But the farming for $$$ just isn't going away, and seems to be getting worse.

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