Monday, October 5, 2009

Call me a Carebear if you Like, But I Will Get By, (with a touch of grey)

The first time I went all carebear was when I was farming ore in the Barrens. (and also waiting for Takk the Leaper) Cryptonite CARBONITE blazed out that enemy so & so was sighted nearby. It was right by me in the Sludge Fens, so I rode over and saw some Hordie get his clothie butt handed to him by a few mobs. His health was about nil, so I judged, consecrated and essentially wiped the baddies and saved him. He did a /sdfklhd fjk hfjk, but, obviously with him being a Horde & me being Ally, I couldn't understand a thing.

(EDIT - I was thinking Superman and not WoW Addon... oops)

Anyhow, I escorted him around the Fen and helped out. Until he came to the goblin on the Shredder. I don't rememeber exactly what happened, but the Horde guy was waiting for me to do something. Since this guy is a quest giver for me, I can't attack him, even if I wanted to. The Horde guy gives up and calls it a night. (logs)

Me being me, and in an odd mood, I log onto my Horde 'Lock so I can send him a message. I write:

This is the Paladin that was with you earlier. I'm not sure if you know,
but WoW scrambles all the text so that Horde and Alliance players can't talk directly. Sorry if it seemed like I was ignoring you.

Good luck
and have fun!


I get a response from him the next day, and he was SOO appreciative of the help. Evidently he's a young kid, and is trying to figure things out by himself "and no one ever bothers to help or answer questions or anything." It definitely made me feel good to help out. It also highlights how ridiculously steep the learning curve is for this game, and how lucky we are if we get someone to show us the ropes...

Another time (last night) I'm running around Hellfire Penninsula farming Fel Iron (wait.. I see pattern here...) And run across a Horde Paladin getting spanked near one of the large cauldrons (I think he needed blood for them? can't remember) I try to help, but I'm too late; he died. However, the ruy rezzes and I see him working around. He gets into trouble, so I helped him out a couple times. I *think* he may have gotten annoyed by me killing things, so I left him alone.

So, it seems I am a wee bit of a sentimentalist.

Except not.

Not long after my Hellifire incident, I was heading over to Tanaris (yes, to farm ore...) and had to stop by Dustwallow Marsh, which is where Dart (another high $$$ hatchling) can be obtained. So I trudge out to the spawn area, only to see some Horde Hunter. This time he's flagged PvP and is fighting some of the local Alliance troops.


Dead hunter & pet. (I'm level 69, he's level 40-ish)

Or questing in Nagrand, Kattastrophe & I see the Halaa Wyvern posts turning red. We head over and reset them. After a bit we run into the baddie responsible: a ?? level tauren Warrior. (since we're 69, I guess this means he's 80)

After each dying once (each of us alone, but one after the other) we had dropped him to less than half health. we respawn and link up.

This time I remember to turn off Crusader Aura (doh!), turn retribution Aura on, and get buffed.

We each circle, trying to find him again. Thanks to draw distance and my speed, I didn't see him (finally) until I went really low, and he swung and hit me. I was still mounted so I flew off. I noticed that my Retribution Aura and one other buff had knocked ~1/5 of his health off. Kattastrophe & I joined up and went in for the hunt (and kill. Even at 80, this guy wasn't doing that well against us solo, so with us paired up, this guy was meat)

Evidently he did the math as well, cuz he bugged out.

So, does this make me a tad passive aggressive? Me thinks so... either that, or I have an irrational hatred of PvP flagged Horde...

Anyhow, this whole post was inspired over at Critical QQ by Euripides, and it got me thinking...

This ring true for anyone else? Am I destined for a padded room and extra-long-sleeve shirt?


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