Tuesday, October 27, 2009

One is the lonliest number, but 1,400 is darned surprising.

I'm sure most of you notice the little hit counter in the sidebar of my blog.In theory, I use it to see what topics I write about that are more interesting. More often, it's just a barometer of the amount of exposure I've been getting. And lately it's been getting 30-50 hits per post I make.

Late last week I wrote a couple long, "walls of text" about the auction house and the cataclysm. I posted both of them fairly late (5 pm Pacific time). Most rational folks are already home, gaming or sleeping at this time. Also, many blogrolls/readers/websites update in the morning, so that this blog would be fairly "low in the stacks" of daily blogs. As expected, I had few hits after I posted them

So imagine my surprise when Monday rolls around, and I see the little counter jump by 50, 100, 150, 200 hits in one day. I hadn't posted a whisp, mind you.

So t he day goes by, the number ticks higher, I do my thing and am confused. Finally during my daily perusal of blogs, I find the reason; Tamarind over at Righteous Orbs gave me quite the positive mention.
So, anyhow, this is me thanking Tamarind with a deep bow and happy giggles. :)



  1. Good heavens, I had no idea people listened to me. I'd better be more careful with my recommendations in future ;)

    But I'm glad to have introduced some folks to your writings - you have a very fine blog here.

  2. I appreciate the good word (and the references) but I can only aspire to "hit the big leagues" both in viewership AND in writing skill as you have done. :)