Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Have I Come to a Grinding Halt? Yes & No...

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A couple posts ago I mentioned that Cataclysm could be significantly changing/removing a number of aspects that currently exist in the game, such as some smaller factions, their quests, reputation, etc. I also suggested that if these are in any way important to you, you may want to get all that stuff done prior to the Cataclysm occurring.

Needless to say, I’ve been following my own advice. The above picture shows off a number of my recent achievements, many of which are rather “grindy” in nature.

Ambassador of the Alliance – I had to grind out (and buy via Runcloth gifts to the quartermaster) a ton of rep with the Gnomes and the Dwarves.

Diplomat – talk about a grind. YEESH! Beads for the Kurenai, spores for the Sporregar and feathers for the Timbermaw. On the good side I ended up with WAY more mageweave, runecloth and netherweave cloth than I will ever really need…

And then there’s the fun of getting enough gold for epic flight, buying all the mounts to hit 50 (though being a Pally and getting 2 “free” is kinda nice)

Needless to say, grinding has almost brought my game to a “grinding halt”. Ther’s just not that much exp to be had killing Bladefist Ogers, and there’s literally NONE to be had with the Timbermaw…

And that’s just the beginning!

Have I done any fishing?

Um, yeah….

Have I been working my Blacksmithing?

Well, I just finished making some of the coolest level 70 armor in the game…

But, at the same time, I dinged 70 well over a week ago, and I've only recently hit 73. My level progression HAS pretty much come to a grinding halt. And that's OK with me.
I've said it before, and I trot it out again: I play to have fun, and getting all these sill achievements and stuff *IS* fun to me (well, getting the reward for 50 mounts - an Albino Netherdrake is frikking AWESOME - even if the grinding kinda sucked)
THIS is what keeps me interested in playing.
Also, as I've mentioned before, Kattastrophe & I aren't in a "real" guild (yet) and being a "complete" player (ie, I can cook, fish and make armor, etc) only makes me that much more "useful" to a prospective guild.
We have sort of determined that yes, we DO want to be in a guild, but finding the right fit has got us a bit scared. Not to mention that even if we find what WE want, it doesn't mean that any particular guild will want US...
Unfortunately, being a Melee DPS makes me a commodity player; we're a dime a dozen... So, I want to have "all my ducks in a row", as it were, so that, when the day comes, a guild may actually be happy to have me/us. (then again, Kattastrophe, on her shammie healer IS in demand - maybe I should just rider her coat-tails ;) )
Have any of you levelled this way (ie, solo/duo) and THEN tried to find a guild? Or did you guys do it the other which-ways, and get a guild first and THEN level up?
Just curious...


  1. First figure out what you want out of a guild then try to ask people you meet what their guilds are like and if they might fit what you want to do. Also check the guild recruitment forums and pugging at 80 helps because if you are any good sometimes you get guild invites from people that see you are at least knowledgeable in what you are doing

  2. It's funny we had actually thought we found a decent guild, and it folded a few days after we joined lol :-| It's a good thing Velen isn't super competetive, but at the same time, it means there's not too much recruiting going on. (we can really only raid on weekends)

    Well, enough of my QQ, time for more pew-pew. Or bang-bang...

  3. Given my long, and exalted, experience with failguilds - the only point of a guild while you're levelling, as far as I see it, is company for the grind. Which is nic but low in terms of actual utility - "anyone to run SFK?" "sorry, we're all 80".

    M'Pocket Tank and I levelled to 80 pretty much as part of a 5-man team, running instances, although it fell apart at around 60. *sad* And I haven't lone-levelled a single toon, but then I've been pretty lucky in finding friends in the game and dragging friends into it :) I know, how co-dependent am I? But WoW is much more fun when you're not alone.

    I seriously can't imagine why a guild wouldn't want the pair of you.

    And grats on the tonne of achis! That's so impressive. I never did any of that stuff while I was levelling at all. And I'm kind of drifting back to it now ... but as long as you're enjoying the game, it doesn't matter how you're spending your time in it, right? Also the "must get to 80,noob" drive irritates the hell out of me. The journey is as valid as the destination.

  4. Kattastrophe & I have been running stuff almost completely together. (it's easy since she sits about 10 feet away) I wish we had more of a group, but eh, we'll see what the future holds!