Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cold as Ice isn't Welcome at my Hotel California

OK, this post has NOTHING to do with WoW. At least not as I write this.

I grew up in suburban Detroit, went to college in East lansing (MSU) and finally got fed up with the yearly "freeze my effing nads off" every winter.

So I moved to Southern California.

And this past weekend is a PERFECT example of why: it was about 95 fahrenheit (35C).

This morning?

FORTY FIVE FUKKIN DEGREES!!!!! (thats about 8C for you metric blokes)

Again, this is southern Cal. I don't have insulation in the walls, and hardly any in the attic. It's still "early" winter", so I haven't turned my furnace/heater on yet. Hell, my air conditioners are still stuck in the windows!!!! (remember, it was 95 last weekend...)

And the temperature in my bedroom? 53* when I got out of bed!!!!!

"The boys" were tucked up so far it was tough swallowing my breakfast.

Wait, this is still a WoW blog... let's see...

Consecrate, QQ, nerfed to the ground, level, grind, loot, fish and cook.

*sigh* I'll try to be better tomorrow, but no promises... we're having a Halloween party here at work (which is where I do all my blogging, after all)


  1. This one's for you Slik:

    Hope your day warms up!


  2. This made me snigger.
    Hello from a new reader *wave*

  3. @ Cassie - I'll have to read that a bit more thoroughly when I get more time (ie, when I get to work in a little while ;) )

    @ sofandtree - welcome! *wave*

    Thanks for the comments - they make my day :)