Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I Can't Get no Satisfaction: I Just Suck in BGs...

Ding Dong the Witch aint dead...

I don't know what that incessant ringing is during raids & BGs is caused by, but for me, it's a signal of FAIL. Whenever the enemy is ringing that bell, my DPS (effective) for that fight drops to about zero. (I don't watch Recount, but I *do* watch the health bar - and it isn't moving!)

Stuns/interrupts don't seem to do anything (and it doesn't help that I have no clue who's doing it)


*deep breath*

People gripe that Ret Pallies are "faceroll easy" and "impossible to kill".

They must REALLY suck. Especially if they are part of a group. Kiting, stuns, traps, blinks, fears are essentially impossible for a Retpal do get out of. Yeah, I can blow a trinket, or Hand of Freedom, but most classes have more stuns than we have ways to break them.

Throw in that damnable ringing bell, and even with bubbles and all my long cool downs (my CDs) and I'm still dead in 14 - 16 seconds.

And while I may be less than skilled at PvP, I *NEVER* see a paladin in the top spots for killing blows, damage, honor or anything else.

What *do* i see at the top of the aggressive side (as opposed to healers)?

Shaman (pretty rate, though)
The occasional Warrior


My games in Arathi Basin last night were PAINful. My general tactic is to go where the Horde isn't. Slogging it out, 8 v 8 isn't really a way to win the game. And if 8 folks are in one place, it means they aren't elsewhere, so off I go.

And get overwhelmed 1 v 4, 1 v 6 or something equally lopsided.

I'm not sure if its people respawing where I go, but 1 person explodes into 3 - 6 with amazing quickness. the only goodness is that, on occasion, I can keep a large group occupied with trying to kill me, so they aren't trying to kill my team mates. I die, so they may live. I'm generous like that. *cough*sucks*cough*

OK, done ranting about that.

Because Recount was MIA during my BG work, I can't say what sort of things were going on. I know I was near the bottom of the list, both combined and Alliance alone. But, I learned a few things:

If I keyboard turn, I have trouble casting/attacking. My fingers miss their mark, and I end up button mashing or looking down at the keyboard. NOTeffective.

If I mouse turn, I can't pick targets effectively. ([TAB] rarely picks who I want to kill) That's less than ideal, but at least I am efficiently attacking a target, albeit the wrong one.

For better or worse, my first games on PC were all first person shooters (FPSs), so keyboard turning/moving and mouse aiming is deeply ingrained in me.

Incapatacitations (repentance, sap) are nearly worthless for anything other than interrupts. UNLESS you are on a well organized team. In that case, they are super deadly. I don't think anyone I "Repented" lasted more than 0.5 seconds before someone ran up and kit them.

All that added armor & health really DOES improve survivability. Just not enough lol

The Horde on our server seem to be better at being where they need to be. When I attempt to pick up a straggler, 1 v 1, within 5 seconds or so, it ends up 1 v 3 or worse. And lets be honest, if I have 3, 4, or more guys attacking me, it's suicide for any one or two Ally guys to try to help.

I can "feel" the difference in healing with my "tanky" armor set. The loss of Haste is noticable.

Now, if I can only get myself to play the game, and try to learn without getting unbelievably frustrated, I might get better. But I doubt that'll happen any time soon.

And what the hell IS that damned ringing bell?

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