Monday, November 9, 2009

Raid for the Cure - no silly song title here

If you've read BigBearButt's blog HERE, Gnomeageddon's Blog HERE, or Catryalini's blog HERE, or any of a TON of other blogs, you may have heard about an "All Faction Road Race" across Azeroth. It's a massive get-together, show of support and fund raiser for Susan G. Komen for the Cure charity for breast cancer.
Bring a character of your choice (race, level, etc is all open) to the and take part in a walk across azeroth. BigBearButt's blog has all the relevant details.
Here's a brief summary:
Where - Kael'thas realm. US
Alliance Where - Starting in Shadowglen (Night elf starting area) going on through Darnassus, Auberdine, Astranaar and meeting the Horde at the Crossroads
Horde Where - Camp Narache (Mulgore - Tauren starting area) and then following the road to Crossroads
BOTH factions - From Crossroads on to Ratchet, then on to Booty Bay for a party.
When - Saturday, November 14th. Starting in each faction area about 2 pm central time (a bit later for the Horde, since they are closer to Crossroads)
For more info, including donation information, please visit:


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