Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mission Impossible... Pilgrim's Peril

Our Hero

*Cue Music* LINKY

Your mission, if you chose to accept it, is to infiltrate the four major Horde cities and sit at their thanksgiving table.

The chances of death and humiliation is extreme. Use all of your available assets.

As with most dangerous solo missions, disguise is key. In this instance we will use Dartol's Rod of Transformation

I'm a Furlbog!

Disguise: Check.

Look, I'm a Hordie!

Aggressive, spikey armor and growly "Hordish" Bear: Check. (I had to borrow 200 gold to buy the bear lol)

Here goes Nothing!

(note - entering the fortifications to get to the tables will flag you PvP)


uh, no it didn't....
(but I did get a chance to sit before I died! lol)

I actually logged off, logged in as a Hordie and sent a nice (if sad) note to my killer. I haven't checked yet to see if I got a response...

As of now, I am starting my own meme that IS a meme: no sad panda, just a sad furlbog.

So I trudged off to silvermoon (which doesn't get you flagged for going to the table)

Yes, I am actually sitting here, but the "camera" angle I chose, to best show Silvermoon, also happened to hide me behind the centerpiece...

A couple things of note:

  • I was able to get both the Ghostlands and Eversong Woods without incident. Well, I got flagged twice, but no deaths (on either side) resulted. Though a couple low level Hordies probably messed their shorts. (If the horde actually wore skivvies ;P )
  • I tried to get to Silvermoon by see. You can't. I went out to sea north of Brill, and I fiollowed the coast all the way North, East and South and the FIRST place you can re-enter the continent of the Eastern Kingdoms is EASTERN PLAGUELANDS!! meh. A waste of 10 minutes and a water walking potion.

Tonight I shall continue to on Thunder Bluff and Orgrimmar... stay tuned!


  1. Hehehe, sad teddie is sad! I did this with a guildie last night. It was hilarious - much humiliation and hijinks, which I shall write up for tomorrow. I'm not really into holiday achievements and certainly not into PVP but, actually, it was a hell of a lot of fun. You were way more cunning about it than we were - we just barged in there, glaring, in your pilgrim dresses, and tried to sit down...

  2. The only issues I had were with NPCs... I always stray too close to the Silvermoon NPCs... A bad habit I guess...

    In UC I got smart, I sat, got up and ran, all good... How am I going to get to Org I wondered...

    Ahhh Zepplin...

    Well about 10 NPCs took issue with me trying to fare evade the ride and I was unceremonially tossed from the tower...

  3. Leave it to a gnome to take the hard way (the Zepplin) rofl... I just herthed and hoofed it (well, "padded" is better; I ride a Frost Saber) all the way to Durotar...

    Wait, maybe the Zopplin WAS the better way... :)

    Isn't Gnome tossing a sport? Oh, wait, that's DWARF tossing... my bad. ;)