Wednesday, November 11, 2009

To All My Friends in Low Places

Most of us have alts. Who are they and why do we have them?

Well, here’s a “Rogues Gallery” of mine… at least the ones on my home server (I won’t bother with Balthazario, since I ramble on about him all the time)

Yeah, there are a couple toons up there that you won’t see pictured, simply because I pretty much never play them: Slikrx – my ”real” namesake – He’s a Tauren Hunter and Vexell, a Belf Warlock. Vexell is a name from 25 years ago, back when I played Dungeons & Dragons. Vexell (actually, I always called him Vex) was Half-elven fighter magic user (yes, I know, only full blood elves could multiclass – and his stats WERE elven, I just was being weird and liked him having some human blood)

The rest of my tunes have plain odd/goofy names. There’s no history to them, and I don’t identify with them at all. They are, at most, Balthazario’s “friends” and of ill-repute at that..

Good old Wysywyg. (pronounced “whiz –ee- wig”) It’s a mis-spelling of the acronym “wysiwyg”: “what you see is what you get”. Back when the Macintosh first came out, and Claris released “Word”, it was the first wysiwyg word processing program to see common use. The text you saw on your moniter, was pretty much what you saw when you printed it out.

He’s a Dwarf and a Warrior; what you see, is what you get. He’s a skinner and an engineer. I don’t think I have put ANY talents for him yet. I am not a fan of the rage mechanic (it works well enough, I just prefer mana) I made him so I could level an engineer. Sword & board is relatively easy to do, and I didn’t want another paladin, so Warrior was the choice. He’s only level 31, so he has a pretty long way to go.

And here’s Bigmistake, a level 25 Druid, speaker of Druish, from Druidia (funny, he doesn't LOOK druish - thank you Mel Brooks). I wanted to make an enchanter, so I made another toon. I like the mana aspect of casters, but I also like the ability to go into the melee and bang around. So I went with a Druid. The name came about because I didn’t think I’ll really enjoy playing a druid. (it's actualy OK, just a HUGE change from a pally) Why a Nelf? Not sure I can remember. Probably so that his first mount could be the big Cat.

Later I realized I wanted a pretty much dedicated bank toon. Because of this, I started a Human, so the trip to Stormwind would be quick & easy. The name Bernimmadof is, of course, a nod to the criminal Bernard “Bernie” Madoff that had one of the largest Ponzi Schemes the world has seen. SO of course, Bernie had to be a rogue (aka thief, to my D&D heritage) The personal guild I started for her is (obviously) called Ponzi Scheme. Why a female? Because if I had to watch that goofy ass human running style, it could NOT be a dude running. There’s just something off-putting watching this burly avatar with massive muscles and deadly weapons, just flouncing around on the screen. So it's a girl.

Just recently I started her off doing a bit of jewelcrafting. Kattastrophe has a JC alt, but eh, why not…

Most recently, I decided that I hadn’t seen a couple aspects of the game and the alliance. Namely, the brief history of the Gnomes, and I had not played a mage. So I created a Gnome mage. (and you can also thank Gnomeageddon for some influence here) And of course, I had to come up with an appropriate name, so I came up with my take on “ignominy”: Ignomeminy. (pronounced ignominy) I may have him do alchemy, though I’m not sure…

I will do more leveling for these guys, but most likely it won’t happen until Balthazario can buy some Heirloom gear.

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