Friday, November 13, 2009

I Get By with a little Help from My Friends...

When I got home last night, Kattastrophe had already done her dailies and was traipsing around Northrend trying to get the last few ore nodes she needed to hit 450 in mining. She had just landed in Amber Ledge when I started my log in. To her surprise there was a 1 v 1 battle (not a duel) going on between a level 75 Belf Paladin and a level 70 Human DeathKnight.

I urged Kattastrophe to help out and nail the Belf, but even against a weakened foe, and in her Elemental spec, Kattastrophe didn't want to poke the nasty Pally.

So I flew out from Dalaran to meet them. While flying, I tabbed over to and looked him up. It was probably a good thing Kat didn't engage the guy. He was in mostly Boss Drop purples, with the rest being blue. (well, he had one green trinket)

At the same time, this Pally is running around trying to get folks to fight him. And, well, being an annoying pain in the butt.

As I lapproach, I see him running around.

The moment I land, I turn to face him, and bring up my Seal of Vengeance. He responds by asking for a duel.



Nope, I'm not in this to fight fair, I'm in it to win it, damnit!!

A moment later, I hit him with Hammer of Justice and just start pummeling the guy. He had the advantage of better gear, but I had the advantage of shammie that had just switched to her healing spec.

I got him REAL low, and he got me sorta low. He did Lay on Hands, I just fought and absorbed the lovely shammie heals.

By the time I stood laughing over his corpse, I had dealt out 29,400 damage (Katt had added about 2,000), and had received about 27,700 in heals. He was completely dead, and I was at 75% health.

That's actually a bit troubling. But a quick look at the numbers below, and you can see why: even thoughI've got better offensive numbers (and my DPS *WAS* better) his added armor and TONS of health...

And I mean CRAZY health ... he "sits" with 14,700 health, and in my "normal" setup, I have 9,800. We both had the IDENTICAL weapon. He had some much better gear, but he had opted for more stamina and "tanky" gear. (A lot of his was the Tempered Saronite" stuff (I have a couple pieces I use for my tank spec)

Honestly though, I don't think his gear was magnitudes much better than mine. Yes, he has several Boss Drop Epics but my gemmed chest piece is pretty fookin epic, so I can't really cry TOO much.

That said, I wouldda prolly had my ass handed to me if not for some (ok, GOBS) of healing. In my best fight, I can only put down ~15-20k healing while still doing damage (more usually in the 10-15k range). BUT, that's at the cost of a significant amount of damage, and my DPS wsn't THAT great in this fight. (granted, I was being lazy and sloppy because I knew I had a ton of healz in my back pocket)

Regardless, even though we won, he really did a nice job in his fight. On my best night, with a lot of luck, I *might* have won in a real 1 v 1 fight. But then, with good friends around, who needs luck?

Take a look at the results below: The guy had MONSTROUS stamina and health for a Retpal (seems he was of the same mind I was and went for survivability with the ability to hit - a type of ret-tankadin)


I use Seal of Vengeance, he used Seal of Command.

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