Friday, November 20, 2009

Raid for the Cure - a BLAST!

It alls tarted quietly enough, with us arriving
in Shadow Glen to a growing group of pink...

Lots of dancing and merriment

We could only guess what any brand new players must have thought as
we streamed through Dolanaar

"WE'RE ON A BOAT" ... uh, yep! lol

I got caught checking my mail, so a thoughtful chap
on his Mammoth gave me a lift.
(thank you Jardal!!!!)

And then the horde of Horde arrived and it was hugely amusing (dancing bears for the win!!)

Making a racket in Ratchet, awaiting our boat...

And dancing on the roof( since we couldn't bring down the roof)

Thanks to all involved, ESPECIALLY to the regular residents of Kael'Thas and the suportive guild, Sidhe Devils! Well done!!!

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