Friday, May 14, 2010

Plastic Man or Invisible Man?

I think I'll weigh in briefly on my thoughts about the Real ID thing, where your friends can see your real name, your email addy, and ALL your alts. It's gotten bashed for safety reasons by several bloggers (such as Kattastrophe) and I can't agree enough about the possible dangers.

But dangers aside, what do I think of it just on the functional side?

Let me phrase it this way: I sincerely wish you could log on "invisibly", such that you will not show up on any list as being online (XBOX Live lets you do this). You wouldn't show up in guild, friends or pals lists. As it is now, if I want to traipse around Azeroth semi-incognito, I need to use an unknown alt, or play on a different server.

But, I really don't wanna do that.

You see, I call Balth my main for a reason: he's really the only character I enjoy playing. It would be nice to farm, piddle around/whatever and not have to worry or feel bad if folks want something. If I'd rather sit in Ironforge trying to catch Old Ironjaw, than join some guildies on a frost run, and not feel pressured, well, that's what I'd like to do.

The whole RealID thing seems to me to be a step in the wrong direction. Don't get me wrong, there ARE some nice aspects to it, but I'd honestly rather have a session-by-session option to opt out.

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