Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sitting on the Dock of a bay, in Orgrimmar

Warning: Rambling post is rambling...

I'm not sure why, but I have decided to try to get both Old Crafty and Old Ironjaw for the cross faction fishing achievements. I've spent hours in Ironforge (well over 1,000 casts) and have yet to get Ironjaw, so I gave up on that for the moment and decided to do something a little different.

Namely, running through a few old world dungeons that I never ran. And getting a couple odd pets. And stuff.

First has been my attempt to get the Higher Learning achie, via reading all 8 special books that spawn around Dal. I've been working on it hit & miss for sevral months, and recently got my 7th book. My last is the one downstairs in Dal.

I got bored & tired with THAT, so I decided to get an OOX of my own. I already had the one from Hinterlands, so I spent a couple daysin Tanaris, killing pirates & the like until the quest finally dropped. Thottbot says it has a ~0.1% drop rate, and I think it's right on the money. (I also ran a few low level quests to keep me occupied during my "occupational cleansing" (killing all the pirates, etc, several times over)

During one of my forays over there, I decided to run a one of the instances inside the Caverns of Time; the one to free Thrall (and get that Hat from Don Carlos)

I've also gone and gottent he Keys for Sholomance, run current Stratholme, cleared Gnomeregan, Razerfen Kraul and Downs, and then, finally, ran into Ragefire Chasm. (oh, and I *did* get my own OOX, the last quest dropped quickly in Feralas)

So, I ran Ragefire... and there I was... "safely" inside Orgrimmar, so I decided to make a quick run over to the Valley of Honor (the arrow in the picture at the top) and try to fish up Old Crafty. I made it there without too much trouble (no deaths, and not much trouble from the guards)

I fished there for an hour & a half, tucked in behind the waterfall in the corner. I didn't catch him, but I didn't get ganked either. I called it a night.

Last night, I fished for a half hour, and then it started. *>GANK<* (mind you, I am only quipped with a tabard, fishing pole, hat and PvP trinket) I hang around my corpse for a bit, and I notice that they are camping my corpse. I release, run back a ways, and then switch over to another toon.


He was at level 8 when I started the night, (no heirlooms, but plenty of low level enchants on his grey equipment) and ended up the night a couple bars from level 12.

Still without heirlooms, but with a couple green items and a bare twinkling of an idea how to play a mage.

I went back to Balth a couple times, but still got ganked, so just kept playing Iggy. He has no primary professions as of yet, and I'm not sure I will bother. But it is nice to get a little Alt Time, even if I'm not sure I will ever doany more levelling.


  1. Best. Name. For. Gnome. Ever.

  2. Why thankyou!

    I don't really know what/why it is, but gnome gnaming is half the fun of playing them.