Monday, May 10, 2010

Righteous Brothers and Roy Orbison: You Got it!

Bad puns and not-so-clever name games aside, I've been reading Tam & Chas over at Righteous Orbs for as long as I've known about WoW-blogging. I never understood where their blog name came from:

Stratholme. Righteous Orb.


You see, I've come to the unpleasant realization that I spend WAY too much gold in WoW, much of it on silly, inconsequential crap.

For example:

The Elwynn Lam

Well, maybe that's not the best example because it only costs Champion Seals and not gold.

Well, the "good" news is that each Quartermaster also sells a slow speed ground mount for 400 gold. And I've bought 4 of them lately. Plus some gems and enchants.

And Elixers

And scrolls.

And so.

We come back to Stratholme. Huh?

Well, I've been grinding out a bunch of quests, reputation (Kalu'ak) and the like
and noticed I can grab a hefty 300-500 gold per day just piddling around.

It also occurred to me quite recently that a level 80 can run through Stratholme in about 20 minutes (for the undead side) and run away with !60-80 runecolth, a boatload of scourgestones (and Argent Dawn rep) and probably 100-150 gold worth of loot. (probably more, if you were to actually auction off the loot and not just vendor it all) And that's just from clearing one side. (note - you need MUCHO bag space. I went in with 20 spots, and had to get picky about what I kept)

And during one of my sojourns into Stratholme, I received a Righteous Orb as loot. It was at that moment that I had my epiphany, my moment of clarity.

AH HA!!!!

...said I, and I was thoroughly amused.

The moral, point, purpose and reason of this post? Gold is easy, and every once in a while, you find something neat, even if it's only a name.


  1. That is *so weird*- I was cleaning out my bank only yesterday, saw the same orb, and had the same epiphany! ... And that was right on top of figuring out that I could make 300-500 gold a day just piddling around and doing quests as I did the rep grind for Kalu'ak.

    How weird is that?

  2. Great minds and all? Maybe, maybe not... but that's my story, and I'm sticking to it!

  3. I keep a pair of righteous orbs in my bank at all times ;)

    I always get moments of confusion when I see people on trade shouting WTB RIGHTEOUS ORB - I always want to answer "I'm right here, baby."

  4. Ha, Tam! I'll give you a flying sparkle pony if you do ;)

  5. I guess the fact that I currently have four of them makes my polyorbid?