Friday, May 7, 2010

Poetry in Motion... In Westfall

This is a post-in-prose, as suggested by Liana over at Disciplinary Action in her "Elevated Discourse: Eleventh Hour Challenge". My challenge? To visit and comment on Westfall.

In Rhyme.

You have my apologies ahead of time... ;)

There once was a well armed Drae Ret-pal,
Who cringed as he visited Westfall.
He said to King Wrynn,
with a punch on the chin,

hmmm... that won't work on ANY level... (and no, I don't like King Wrynn - I've mentioned it before)

Let's try again...

Crossing plains,
Crossing fields,
Seeing pain,
Tossing heals.

Murlock gurgles,
Gnollish paws,
Defias burgles,
Empty laws.

Savage battles,
Ore a-plenty
Dying rattles
Level 10-20.

Learning cooking,
Herb collecting,
Autumn looking
Meat dissecting.

Retribution, Judgement, Divine Storm, payback.
Dead... Mines... Mine.
VanCleef blood, Cookie's gutted, now I'm on the way back,
To give Wrynn a piece of my mind....


  1. not bad, least you weren't forced to do it in haiku.

  2. Ha! I think it's pure poetry any way you slice it. And (though I almost hate to point it out now) only your character had to speak in rhyme :) But I love the full-on prose action. Way to take it to the next level!

  3. I like it! And I'm impressed, I'd have been flummoxed!

  4. @ All -Thanks for the kind words. :)

    @Liala - I hadn't read all the other participants' responses yet, but I kind of got the impression I was "special" ;) lol

  5. Love it, especially the second verse (or third if we count from the top). I am impressed. Have to say I'm so glad I didn't draw the rhyme straw though.