Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wild Horses and Other Oddities

You ride your little pony, and I'll ride mine, athankyuverymuch! This is my Balth placeholder DK on Velen. VERY FIERCE!!!!

So yeah, I changed realms and used the better balanced battlegroup to try and actually get my Children's Week quests/achies done. Even though we lost this particular bout in Arathi Basin, I did manage to capture 3 flags/territories and got my Disgracin the Basin Achie.

I have to admit, being in a BG that's relatively balanced was actually kind of fun, even if we did lose.

During my EotS BG, where I got my flag cap, I was amused to be among the top in a couple different stats (Killing blows, damage done, etc) Clearly there was another Pally that wasn't trying for the Achie, possibly a n00b? After all, it's been confirmed that (during non-children's week) the flag is noob bait, aka it's a bug light, and there is no real use in capping the flag 2x. (unless he was just griefing us Children's Week hopefuls)

One things I seem to notice on my new server: I won't sasy that the Alliance plays that much better than on my old one. But it does seem that the Horde are not quite as on-the-ball either.

It seems the Horde simply don't run Wintergrasp that much. I ran my fourth WG last night on this server, and they had tenacity. Compared to my last couple attempts on
Velen where WE had it (2 stacks, actually) in my last couple battles, this is big.

But, after my first WG run last night, I got my own 3 weekly PvP quests done, plus I was shared two more (but only finished one so far) I was able to turn in 52,000 honor and got my PvP necklace. Only 17 more WG Marks of Honor until I can get my shoulders, and a gawdawful number more BGs so I can finish my full PvP set. As of now I have (in order of accrual):

  • Wrathful Wrist
  • Relentless Feet
  • Medallion of the Alliance Trink
  • Wrathful neck

After all my hoofing around, I manged to complete the Children's Week trials and tribulations, and am now a Patron:

One other last little tidbit..

Last night, during my semi-daily Frost run, I got queued into Azjol-Nerub. Along with me were a 3,000 GS shammy Healer and 3,300 GS Warrior Tank.

The other DPS & myself were well into the 4k-5k range. My first thought was -uh-oh... this could get tough, especially with a relatively low-threat tank (which will force us to slow down), and with a low gear healer, the longer fights could be problematic.

I couldn't have bee more wrong.

Not only did I NOT pull aggro off the tank, the healer did a freakin AWESOME job keeping everyone alive. We even got the Hadronox Denied achie!!!!

We did get into a bit of trouble on Hadro, but we all kept our heads and dropped the S.O.B.

As has been said many places and many times: GS ≠ skill .



  1. I love those little ponies. I so want to keep one

  2. Iknow!!! I was so sad that my deathsteed had shape/size/etc had anything to do with the one I stole...