Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Changes: Heroics for Me, Then & Now

Running Heroics might have made me a tad lazy. At least since I've gotten better geared.

"Way back in the day" (all of 2-3 weeks ago), I would make sure I had a stack of Mighty Strength Potions, Strength food (Dragonfin Filet), and Strength VIII scrolls (or VII if I was being cheap)

I would blow every CD I had during EVERY fight, trying to maximize my DPS. I would bring water/etc to replenish my burned through mana.

I followed Elitist Jerks' method of "doing the retpal rotation", and I would religiously watch my rotation to keep it on the ball. Once I had mostly purples, I made sure I had the best gems & enchants I could get.
I did the absolute most I could.

For maybe 2K DPS, if it worked out well, especially if I was in a lower geared group and had to watch my aggro.
That was then.


I will eat my strength food (because it's essentially free)

I won't use consecrate (a long ticking AoE) unless it's a boss/miniboss fight.
I won't take a strength potion of any sort.
I won't use a strength scroll of any sort.
I will often take a looong time (5-ish seconds) to actually engage in the fight (dinking around and also waiting for the tank to get max aggro)

I "finger tap" my first 4 spells:

And I pull an average of3-3.3K DPS for the run. On the rare time where I *am* buffed (like after just running a 10 man) I will pull 4-5k pretty easily (especially on groups) and 3.2-3.5K single target.

The problem is that this lends ones' self to getting lazy and/or just not paying attention...

I've noticed that once I start attacking, I will simply keep fighting, even if I start to get aggro. Getting aggro ususally means my target is about dead, so with my plate, abundant health (and a *little* heals) my getting a bit of aggro means nothing. (unless it's a boss, THEN I care - a LOT)

It's not just me: I see tanks doing this all the time, where they just spam attack, don't mark, etc, and run through the instance like a bat outta hell.

The good news is that the runs are usually REALLY fast, and mindless enough that they don't become exhausting.

But they *do* get a bit tedious, and I have to make sure to actually pay attention when I do get into a "real" raid (ok, 10 mans, but still)

This isn't a tragedy, but it does make it hard to keep on my toes...

EDIT - I had finished most of this post before I noticed that Chastity at Righteous Orbs posted a very similar post, however that one had more to do with the other folks in the run...


  1. Good grief, you're all grown up, I remember when you dinged.

    *wipes tear from eye*

  2. Well, I'm still dingy, if that helps ;)