Thursday, January 14, 2010

Horse With no Name Fits my Last Post With no Name


So I started a slightly ranty post last night. I couldn't come up with a name, and given the slightly negative nature of the post, I wanted to sleep on it.

Unfortunately, I hit "Publish" and not "Save". I didn't realize this until I got up this morning. Since it's still a work in progress, I just put it back into my saved folder, and unpublished it.

Well, in the grand scheme of things, my retracting it first thing this morning wouldn't be a big deal, at least in theory.

Except for the automated blog readers out there.

They captured it and funneled it to the folks that have them set up.


So, in the interest of keeping things the way that some folks will see it, I put it back up, exactly as written/posted last night.

I still definitely feel the way I did when I wrote it. However, my only real hesitation in keeping it up was the rather ranty, pointy, ouchy and negative tone in it. There are enough rant blogs out there, and I try not to be that way TOO much.

But there you go, and there it is.

Sorry for any comfusion the post, unpost and re-post may cause, especialy to the folks that visit here via wowheadlines or their readers.


  1. I liked your ranty post - sometimes ranting is good for the soul - and I think it was bang on the money.

    I think the 3 Part Mantra you quoted began as a way to help tanks and healers shed responsibility for DPS being stupid but ultimately it shouldn't make healers jettison the DPS, or believe that they're irrelevant. Basically if a DPS dies on my watch, I want to know *why* - is just a case of casting PW:S over them during a aoe damage spike, are they a warlock without an easy way to reduce threat, in short can a little attention from me save them face-meet-floor moment?

    Essentially if the DPS dies, and they weren't being stupid, it IS the healer or the tank's fault.

    I tempted to write a post on the subject now :)

    I heart DPS, never let morons convince you otherwise!

  2. Tam, glad you stopped by, and even more glad you don't think I'm a spanner for getting all pissy.

    For the most part, I get plenty of heals in my 5 mans, so yeah, the mantra of fault is, I think, more for show than actual substance. After all, I think most folks play healers (or tanks) because it fits their personalities.

    Now, I *have* had the odd run where the tanks & healers were pretty "hands off" when it came to peeling off aggroed mobs and healing the DPS. To the point I have had to completely disengage, self heal, or hit the aggro dump, stop attacknig, and park in front of the tank until he/she picks the mob up in normal rotation.

    Were they intentionally "teaching me a lesson"? Or were they unskilled/geared etc? I don't know.

    Regardless, having to take "time outs" like that drop the DPS output of the group by a BUNCH (espeiclly when I am doing ~40% of the group admage) and extends the fights by a decent amount.

    Realistically, I don't think DPS are as disliked as some current blog comments make it seem. Even though I'm far from perfect, I've only been bitched at/complained about once in however many heroics I have run (I just got the 500 badges achi, so however many runs that equates to)

    Maybe it's that my server IS a bit more lax, lenient and "short bus", but I doubt it...

    And as always, thatnks for your musings and pointers. :)