Friday, January 15, 2010

He Ain't Heavy, He's a Newbie...

Well, it happened to me: I ran a Heroic (Halls of Lightening) with "sub par" DPS. I don't have the screen caps here at work, but his overall DPS was about 650. I was a bit awestruck, since I had never run across anyont that low before.

So, looking above (wow-heroes) his gear isn't great. And looking below, a couple things become aparent:

1 - He's in a TON of crafted PvP gear. Well, as it turns out, he's on a PvP server, so this actually makes a fair bit of sense. (and the guys is a BS, so I assume s/he's rather proud of all that work!)

2 - He has no gems (belt) or any enchants.

3 - His talent placement looks less than ideal: 70/1/0.

I did a bit more digging (thanks to, I mean ) I found out that he had dinged 80 literally the day before, and that this was his 3rd Heroic run.
This would (to a degree) explain the lack of any enchants: this is probably his first toon, and on a PvP server, farming for stuff is a tad risky, so it's likely he's simply cash starved. (one confounding piece of info is that he's in a moderately large -202 members- guild, so I'm not sure why he isn't getting *some* help/direction)
But clearly, he has some learning to do.

He died once on the mobs before Loken, but other than that, he was there fighting, but not accomplishing much.
From Recount, his melee atack was about 60% of his damage, with 2 other abilities making up the remainder (sorry, I can't remember what) so I don't think he really "gets" how to play his toon to the max... BUT, he didn't do anything glaringly stupid either. (even if his gearing/talenting is sub-par, he didn't PLAY badly - and that, in my opinion is HUGE)
So, do I feel like my gme was ruined because I carried a newbie, that didn't gem, didn't enchant, didn't chose talents as optimally as he/she could?
Not in the slightest. I just wish s/he were on my server so I could possibly help the guy out. because:
- not everyone KNOWS to even look for info on blogs. (let alone EJ or similar)
- clearly nobody in that guild has bothered to teach/guide him (well, the guy could unwilling to learn- but if someone is *that* hard headed, they are usually booted from a guild)
- if someone is new to the game (and possilby to online computing) it can be daunting to even know WHAT to Google for.
So, yeah, I will cut the guy slack. Even if he isn't a top performer. After all, I bet that trip through HoL was a pretty fun run for him.
And that's what matters...
Hmmm... maybe I'll start a toon on that server and, as politely as possible, try to give him a bit of advice.

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  1. Aw, poor guy.

    The pvp crafted gear is actually a decent entry level set. Sure that haste or crit or hit would be much better than resilience, but overall those items are better than most quest rewards and drops in the 75-80 range. The set fails for pve because the lack of hit mostly, hit > all until you're at least capped for specials. I have "savage" sets lined up and waiting for my hunter, druid, pally, dk and clothies, just waiting to be worn and torn.

    Reminds me of my first naxx10 run, i still had like 5 pieces of that set on my rogue and my dps was horrible, but around four of my friends did it just to help me out... good times.