Tuesday, January 5, 2010

These Boots are Made for Walkin'... and Booting

First off, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!! I know I've been off a bit, but now that I'm back at "work", I have time to blog... ;)


In a PuG first for me, I got "Das Boot".

Katt & I went in to ToC (heroic) and, well, it was a fail fest. After the first wipe, where one of the mobs took out the Healer, and then the rest of us, the tank says, "I guess I need to taunt".


I was pulling a WHOPPING 2.5 k in DPS, and kept getting aggro.

What was I doing? Attacking the mob that the tank marked.

After a lot of nasty "WTF Pally, you suck, how can you keep pulling aggro when only doing 2.5k?"

I resorted to: "yeah, it highlights how shitty the tank is..."

Mind you, the tank had better gear than me. But, as seems usuall for DK tanks, he couldn't keep aggro. (no, I didn't check if he was Frost or Blood. Or heavens, unHoly)

Also, a couple of the mobs I aggroed were going after me because of my Area of Effect (AoE) abilities like Divine Storm and Consecration. wtf? That's maybe... 500 DPS max? THAT draws aggro?

Did I have my aggro "buff" (Righteous Fury - "RF") on? (I *have* done that before) No, I didn't. Especially since we first wiped, and I would have had to manually put it on.

Was I using my aggro dump (Hand of Salvation - "HoS")? Yep, every time it came off CD.

Was I "throttling back" (ie, not attacking as much)? Yep, especially since the tank (and, when he had aggro, the mob) was running hither and yon, and I can't melee if I'm not right next to it.

2.5k DPS (including AoE) is not much damage OR threat.

Now, I will admit, I screwed up on Paletress, but strangely enough, neither I nor anyone else died on that boss.

The biggest problem was the tank, helaer and one DPS were all guildies...


Strangely, in the next PuG I ran (Forge of Souls) I was in a group with a similarly geared tank (a Warrior this time). I pulled a little bit of aggro a couple times, (when the tank would cycle targets) but nothing big, I barely felt it and we had great heals.

We finished FoS, and agreed to continue on to Pit of Saron. To quote the tank as we finished clearing up the last ramp before the gauntlet:


After the nightmare of the previous group, it made me feel a WHOLE lot better.

Did we make mistakes? Certainly, we all did. And the Krick fight took forever because a couple of us (3 of us, me included) didn't pull back far enough from the Poison Nova. The healer & tank, as a pair, did a FANTASTIC job taking him down from ~20% -> dead all by themselves. (that was an amazing thing to watch)

So yeah, we all made mistakes, but we all got compliments for the good we did, and we all did pretty well. And if a "dummy" was done, polite comments were made about how to avoid it next time.

*snif* Each group was enough to bring tears to your eyes, albeit it for drastically different reasons.

So, dearest PuG tanks, here are a couple polite requests from your local (VERY local - shoulder to shoulder, as it were) melee DPS folks:

1- If you mark it, tank it. I will give you 3-5 seconds to get aggro, and I will keep an eye on Omen (threat meter) but I should be able to maintain 75% attacks (ie, slightly throttling/ easing up) without pulling aggro off that target.

2 - If you didn't mark it (but marked something else) tank it. I will be busy attacking the target you marked. As such, Omen will show me my aggro for THAT target. Not the 3-4 other incidental mobs that my AoE abilities might damage. I will run, bubble, etc as needed, but please at least TRY. My AoE abilities don't generate THAT much threat.

3 - If you can't be bothered to mark (or specifiy in party chat) targets AT ALL, then you better tank THEM ALL. Don't expect me to read your mind. "F" only works if I get lucky and happen to focus on you when you are aiming at your main target, and doesn't help at all if you just rotate/tab.

4 - Give me a hand if YOU drop the ball. I will HAPPILY taunt mobs off the healer to save the group. But please show me the same consideration and try to get that S.O.B. off me. Yes, I have plate, but that only helps so much. Especially since I blew my bubble the LAST time it happened.

5 - If you are a bit new, or maybe less than ideally geared, give a shout-out, or (after the wipe) say something like "I'm having a bit of trouble keeping aggro, can you ease up a bit?" Let's be honest, I know I'm not the best player in the world, and I doubt you are either. And that's 100% AOK. I can't watch everything all the time, and neither can you. But at least give me *some* kind of warning.

6 - I am human. I will make the occasional mistake. As will you. Deal with it, and hopefully be reasonable, polite and respectful. I promise to do the same.

7 - And for some other PuG Tanks - PLEASE... Slow... The... Fuck... Down... Yes, I know you want your emblems ASAP. Yes, I know Divine Plea only gives you 14 seconds, yes I know your rage is dropping (no clue how DK mechanics work - sorry!). HOWEVER, wiping will reset both as well. AND create a nasty repair bill to boot. Don't assume everyone knows the fights. If they have a lot of Blue items (let alone greens) it is quite likely they haven't been here before. Or sometimes people *cough*me*cough* could use a reminder that Poison Nova has a 15 yard radius. Chainpulling trash is OK, but do't do that for the Bosses, or any minibosses.

8 - (this goes out to everyone in PuGs, not just tanks) Please remember this is SUPPOSED to be a GAME. You know, FUN? RELAXING? It can be inherently stressful as it is, without some asshole(s) making it worse.


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