Thursday, January 21, 2010

HELP! Internet Inetptitude Ensues

OK, I think I mentioned this in a comment or post a bit ago, but this is frusternating (yes, that word is intentional) I am writing this from my home gaming PC.

I can browse.
I can play WoW.
I can do MS office type stuff.
I can play other games (well, not world of goo, it won't work)
I think you get my drift...

But I can't frikkin' post a comment on my own frikkin blog.

As I type this, I'm on IE8.
I have tried with Firefox (whatever the latest versionis, as of 3 days ago)
I have tried with Google Chrome (new version)

And yet none will let me comment. (I can at work, on Kattastrophe's PC, on my ASUS EEEPC and others, just not this one) This would lead me to believe there's some setting on my PC that is being uppity. Not the browser or the network.

I am using XP Pro, latest service pack (3 if I recall correctly)

I have Kasperski internet protection

... and that's about it.





kthxbye :)


  1. What's the actual error message?

    (Also: move to wordpress), that'll solve it *nod nods*)

  2. Sadly there's no error message. The white box labeled "post a comment" is simply unclickable, as if it were plain old background graphics.

    The only other "hints" I can get are the following also don't work:

    - followers don't show up at all (no icons, just empty green/grey (or whatever color ---> that sidebar is)
    - my site counter is empty (no data, no black box)

    Wordpress is an option, but then I can't be a lazy lout, as I will have to register a site, and do all types of maintainance. Blogspot (lame as it is) does a lot of legwork for me...